Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This Summer is going to awesome, it will be awesome because The Dark Knight is coming to theater's. It is a shame that Heath Ledger won't be alive to see it premiere. He truly was an amazing actor. Daniel Day Lewis was correct when he said that Heath's performance in Brokeback Mountain is as good as it gets. R.I.P. Heath.

Houston's 22 game winning streak snapped by the Celtics last night.

Just another notch on the old win belt last night for the Celtics. I remember hearing at the beginning of the year, "We will see how Boston does against the western conference." Well the season is 3/4's over and Boston is 21-4 against the west. How do you like them apples nay-sayers!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Reality TV

When wil it end? This current trend of showing people in their everyday lives on television. Oh wait, is it really reality when you pick seven strangers to live in a mansion and watch them supposedly fight with each other. These shows like The Real World and Big Brother are not reality, a producers job on a reality show is to find out information that could cause controversy and then they exploit it by setting up an argument for the whole world to see. These shows are genetically produced; as one show fails there are five more ready to be put on the air. How can these networks think they have us fooled into thinking these shows are real? Oh ya because people fall for it. These programs are given the green light to continue airing so the people watching them forget about the real problems in the world; problems like the war in Iraq or the fact that our economy is going under. Maybe if we stopped watching so much lame TV and started worrying about the real problems in this country we may be able to solve some issues we currently face. Until then I guess it's back to the drawing board to create some new way to offer people a million dollars to exploit themselves on national TV. The next time you sit down to watch the newest episode of The Fake World, just remember that their are millions of better things you could be spending your time doing.